'un·tidy' by kostantia manthou
images courtesy of kostantia manthou

milan-based designer kostantia manthou has created 'un·tidy', a side table which expands to suit the contents being stored within it.
looking to organize the chaos that usually consumes a bedside table, the object features an extendable double surface that can
accommodate the demands of its user.

an accordion of soft leather is sandwich in between two planks of wood, that when separated by books and magazines,
changes in its dimensionality and appearance. supported by four tapered legs, the bookshelf-come-side table is available in a
variety of finishes including a light and dark stain. 

light stain table shown fully extended

expands according to your current readings

detail of the expansion

various stages of expansion


高度的改變變成桌子或椅子...怎麼看 怎麼怪...這個也太懶了吧...

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