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The High Line

September 14, 2011 | New & Cool Architecture | by Scott Ogden|


Section 2 of this new-ish New York park will be opening to the public this month. If the first expanse of this park, which is housed on reclaimed elevated train tracks that were originally constructed in the 1930′s, is any indication, this will continue to be one of the City’s most interesting and unique settings. The High Line is full of lush flower beds, walkways, quiet areas to sit and relax, and it sits just above the hundreds of art galleries that call Chelsea home.

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  • 小玻
  • 喔喔喔喔喔真的超美的喔這個high line!!
  • luciapu
  • 這招其實活化了西區,很聰明~之前他們還把報廢地鐵車廂丟進Hudson river給魚住~小玻有空的話我要看照片!