'shifty' by daniel schofield

'shifty' is british designer daniel schofield's modern interpretation of the classic writing desk.
created for use within smaller living spaces, the wall mounted solid ash writing surface has a hidden compartment
whereby one can keep all of their personal documents and electronic equipment safe and out of sight.

upon first glance at 'shifty' one might presume that the storage area is the draw inset at its front,
but what they don't know is that by gently pulling the entire work surface forward, the entire top slides open
to reveal a section with various recessed areas in which to put your belongings. in this way the work space
also extends giving one more room to work.

'shifty' is being presented at designersblock during london design week 2011.

the entire writing surface pulls forward revealing storage compartments

front view

one might be fooled that the drawer inset at the front is the only place in which to put your belongings...

front drawer detail

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