Moon Life Project是一個以未來人類開始定居於外太空或其他星球為發想的創意概念。

西班牙藝術家Alicia Framis邀請到了United Nude的設計師Rem D Koolhaas來設計一款由Moon Life發想的鞋子,一直以極簡未來風格的United Nude這次就以模型拼湊的概念推出了這款
Moon Shoes。



These DIY shoes come flat-packed and ready for you to assemble and wear, with interchangeable uppers for a custom look every time.

The "Moon Life"project, initiated by Spanish performance-artist Alicia Framis, is all about space travel and the speculation of future living in space. She invited a select group of artists, architects and designers to create futuristic, radical and even political but humane concepts for the lunar environment. United Nude was invited to design a shoe suitable for outer space.

United Nude decided to create an elegant high-heeled shoe that would be appropriate for space’s temperature and pressure, with the ability to function well in a gravity-rich environment. They also decided that one may take a far journey into space, it would be best to design something easily packable and transportable. Therefore, the flat-packed concept arose.


The shoes’ base is made from flat carbon fiber pieces, molded foot-bed pieces and 3-dimensional sole pieces that simply slot into each other. These parts are all adjoined by a thin wire span on the sides. The upper of the shoe is a lace with 2 leather pieces. The assembly takes no longer than 10 minutes for each shoe.






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