mayuhana Mayuhana for Yamagiwa | Toyo Ito
mayuhana 3 Mayuhana for Yamagiwa | Toyo Ito

Japanese architect Toyo Ito has designed Mayuhana for Japanese lighting specialist Yamagiwa, this light featuring spun thread design with a double or triple skin of delicate fibre mesh, that producing a soft light and shadow around.

mayuhana 2 Mayuhana for Yamagiwa | Toyo Ito

+ Design description

This series was created by reeling string around a mold the way thread is spun off a cocoon. The softness of the light reminiscent of a traditional Japanese portable paper lantern (Bon-bori) is enhanced by the light coming through the double and triple shelters, and brings to mind the image of light depicted in Junichiro Tanizaki’s “In Praise of Shadows” (In-ei Raisan).

Material: Glass Fiber / Aluminum


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