'crater lake' at the 2011 kobe biennale by 24° studio
all images courtesy 24° studio

japanese design office 24° studio has created 'crater lake', a multi-use environmental installation
that is currently on exhibit until 23 november, 2011 at this year's kobe biennale in japan.
placed on a public site by the water on the man-made port island of shiosai park, the undulating
design serves as a meeting place for all generations, providing seating and a platform to view
the surrounding urban center, mountainscape, and the sea.

in use

a commentary on today's decreasing trend of face-to-face socialization due to advanced technology,
the installation seeks to provide a three-dimensional forum that would facilitate collective
interaction and exchange. different spatial moments are created through peaks and dips in
the circular surface. a small mountain is formed on one side which scoops down to partially shelter
the flat seating area in the centre. the design facilitates spontaneous sitting arrangements,
from the gently rising surface to a collection of small stools.

sheltered area

in constructing the piece, the circular design was divided into 20 radial parts which were
preassembled before the installation. 30 x 60mm treated cedar wood make up the surface
of the installation while 2 x 4 studs were used to create the structural armature beneath.

undulating wooden surface

sitting area in the center

general view

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